Be Inspired

The Mission that compels us…

Atlanta Methodist mission

Inspiring people to boldly live
out the Hope of Christ

The Values that define us…

Welcoming Graciously

Jesus accepted the outsiders and loved the unlikely. We seek to be a community of grace that accepts people in the spirit of Christ, extending a warm invitation for people to find a faith home here.

Building Family

We want to build up the sense of family in our congregation. And we want to build up families, helping them grow healthy and Christ-centered.

Teaching Truth

Our faith is built on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. When we know and live the truth of Jesus Christ, the truth sets us free. We are a community hungry to know and live God’s truth.

Praying Together

We believe in prayer because we believe in the One to whom we pray.

Serving Outward

We have discovered the profound joy of being the hands and feet of Jesus for the sake of others and seek to continue living out that joy.

Everyone has a story.History of Atlanta Methodist Church

Our stories are the basis for inspiration, because they remind us of where we came from and why the direction we are headed is so important.

The story of FUMC is filled with themes like commitment, passion, faith and boldness – and it fuels the Mission of our future:  “To inspire people to boldly live out the Hope of Christ”.

Although we could tell stories of faith for hours, here are some of the highlights of our journey…

Atlanta’s first Methodist Episcopal Church, South, was organized in 1873.  The services were held under a brush arbor near or on the site of Ellington Memorial Hospital.  By 1939, FUMC had moved from a very small beginning, to become the leading church in the Texarkana District.

Today, we continue the rich history of our church as we “Inspire people to boldly live out the Hope of Christ”.

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